Thursday 16 June 2011

Nazakat Ali Khan & Salamat Ali Khan - LP SKDA-20005 - EMI Pakistan

Side 1:
Raag Rageshri (22:51)

Side 2:
Raag Gujri Todi (21:44)

Sarangi: Ghulam Mohammad Khan
Tabla: Shaukat Hussain Khan


Anonymous said...

nice posts all the way, man. been following your blog since bolingos recommendation. thanks for your work.

øשlqæda said...

you're too kind. muchas merci fer this & the others from the brothers :)

Bosmart said...

Nice to see this LP with such a different cover. It was recorded in the Netherlands in the sixtees and I remember the engineers mixed up the sarangi and tabla: on your stereo the tabla comes up from the right, the sarangi from the left. This recording was made around the same time as the Hannibal HNBL 1332 with Megh and Bairagi. If you do not have it in stock I could put it online myself
Hans Bosma

bolingo69 said...

Hi Hans,

Nice to see that you found your way here. I follow your blog as well! ;-)

I posted already the Hanibal you mention on the blog Anthems of Luobaniya here:

I'd like to see that different dutch pressing you mention with cover and labels and all. Why don't you post that one if you have a copy?
B.t.w. The Hanibal LP was recorded 1970 so the record you mentioned was recorded before that then!


Anonymous said...

Dear Hans,
so this LP was published also in the Netherlands?

The Hannibal LP was posted a couple of days ago by Bolingo:

and also another Nazakat & Salamat LP:

and many other treasures.

From the same time are also the recordings by WDR in Köln, Germany, published on CD by Network Medien.

Best greetings

Bosmart said...

Hi everybody,
The Ali Bros tourned the Netherlands in the early seventees. I have a picture which was taken at the time and which is, I think, on the Sadarang web site today. The original LP + cover disappeared from my shelves a long time ago. It was recorded by Philips and had a text by Joep Bor. I have some concert and radio recordings though ( one superb Megh from an open air concert in the rain.) I'll put that on my blog one of these days. Is the German CD already somewhere? (btw. the Central Asian recordings at the top are outstanding!)
Hans Bosma

Hans Bosma

Tawfiq said...

Dear Hans,
thank you very much for the infos. Never saw that Dutch LP. I have to ask Joep Bor about it next time I see him. Very much looking forward to your concert and radio recordings by the Ali Brothers. The German WDR CD was published in 1993 and is still available.

Vijay Mistry said...

Dear Freind,
I was searching for the Good Quality Recording of Ustad Salamat Ali Khan since long... Thanks...

Saladin the Lionheart said...

Dear Tawfiq

Any chance you could upload the Nazakat-Salamat LPs originally put up by bolingo69. The download links have been removed and are no longer accesible


Anonymous said...

is the recording sautan ghar na ja more balama. Also may you post the mp3 on youtube.