Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Shashmaqam - A private CD from Tajikistan

Academy of Shashmaqam, Dushambe. From left to right you see here the three instruments: 
Dutar, Sato, Tanbur and behind the Doira.

Here a private CD of Shashmaqam from Tajikistan. My dear friend Danny obtained this CD years ago during his trip to Tajikistan. He had met there - I think during his stay in Dushambe, the capital of Tajikistan - a young man who spoke English well and Danny mentioned to him that he was searching for recordings of Shashmaqam. This young man told him that he could obtain some recordings for him. A couple of days later he gave him this CD without any further information.
It turned out that this was a MP3-CD containing around 5 hours of well recorded Shashmaqam. There are three groups of recordings, each containing three pieces: 

1. Mugulchai Buzruk
2. Mugulchai Dugoh
3. Mugulchai Irok

Savti (Sauti):
4. Savti Sarvinoz
5. Savti Hijoz
6. Savti Husayni

Silsilai Nav'i:
7. Silsilai Nav'i Makomi Segoh
8. Silsilai Nav'i Makomi Irok
9. Silsilai Nav'i Makomi Rost

Mugulchai and Savti are sections of Shashmaqam. The names after Mugulchai and Savti are the names of the Maqams to which they belong. Savti Sarvinoz is a section of Maqam Buzruk. I don't know to which Maqam the other two Savtis belong. All these are vocal pieces performed by either a female or male singer, accompanied by a small ensemble.
Silsilai Nav'i probably means "chain of melodies", which would mean then that these are a series of melodies belonging to the three Maqams mentioned. These are purely instrumental pieces.
The instruments are Sato, Tanbur, Dutar and Doira.
My guess is that all these pieces are performed by musicians of the Acadamy of Shashmaqam in Dushambe.
See on them:

There are two CDs by the Acadamy of Shashmaqam: a wonderful 70 minutes Maqam-i Rast. Here you can download the booklet to this CD:
The other one was released in 2013 by Ocora - Radio France under the title: "Tadjikistan - Chants et musiques classiques".

In 2012 we had posted a complete Shashmaqam, recorded on 16 LPs in the early 1960s. See:
Over the years we had posted also a number of other Shashmaqam recordings. See:

As the original is in mp3 format we post here also only the original mp3 files.
Many thanks to Danny for his generosity.

Abduvali Abdurashidov, founder and director of the Acamedy of Shashmaqam

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Pamirian Tunes - Music from Badakhshan, Tajikistan - Double LP released in Soviet Tajikistan in 1978

Here we present an unfortunately incomplete rip of a double LP with music from Badakhshan in the Pamir mountains. Our friend Werner Durand discovered this double LP around 2000 in the collection of someone he used to know. He immediately copied these recordings on CD, or rather he copied as much as fitted on one CD. As he was at that time not that much into this music he didn't make an effort to copy the remaining part to another CD. So we have only 21 tracks out of a total of 27 tracks.
Two copies of this LP are available on Discogs, but the prices are too high for both of us. Unfortunately. But as the recordings are quite rare, we decided to post them as we have them. Perhaps in the future an affordable copy shows up.
This is authentic music of Badakhshan, whereas the music of our earlier post by Davlatmand Kholov is newly arranged music based on this music. This double LP seems to be the only one from the era of LPs. The CD age saw more than 10 CDs.

Here you can download the booklet to one of the first CDs published on the subject: 
See also: 

Many many thanks to Werner for sharing this.

Here the complete track list of this double LP,
taken from

Side 1:
1. Fallak, naigrysh
2. Fallak o Leyli i Medzhnune i Muzyka posle fallaka, naigrysh
3. Fallak o Pamire
4. Viloyatnoma
5. Staryy motiv (sl. Khoki)

Side 2:
6. Ruboi
7. Sanovbar dukhtari chakon
8. Fallak o lyubvi, razluke i rabote
9. Khalo-mo, ruboi
10. Vatan (sl. T. Pulodi)
11. Raznovidnosti napevov-naigryshey fallaka
12. Pamirskiy tanets
13. Ruboyot khalke

Navrussho Kurbonsaidov — tutuk (1); Kalador Rakhmatbekov — peniye i tambur (2), pamirskiy rubob (11); Murodali Safoyev — peniye (3—5), gidzhak (3), pamirskiy rubob (4), kumry (5); Aklimo Aydarbekova — peniye (6—8, 10), doyra (6—10); Shirimo Nazarmamedova — peniye (9—10); Masayn Masaynov — peniye (13), masrud (12, 13)

Side 3:
1. Privetstvennyye ritmy doyr
2. Khushomodi
3. Duduvik
4. Pesnya Dzhami
5. Pesnya Dzhami, variant
6. Svadebnyy tanets i Sho muborak

Side 4:
7. Lalaik bartangskiy
8. Lalaik shugnanskiy
9. Be parvo fallak (sl. K. Shugnoni)
10. Talkyny kuiston, naigrysh
11. Ruboi
12. Kudzho Meravi
13. Dargilik
14. Dargilik i Dargil'modik

Ansambl' doyristok (1), Navrussho Kurbonsaidov — peniye (2, 8, 9, 11, 12), tar (2, 10), vysokiy rubob (3, 4, 11), sitor (8), tambur (9), dutor (12); Murodali Safoyev — peniye i pamirskiy rubob (5), peniye i gidzhak (14); muzhskoy vokal'nyy ansambl', trio doyr (6); Kalador Rakhmatbekov — peniye i pamirskiy rubob (7); Masayn Masaynov — sitor (13)

I don't know which ones from the track list we have in our post. I guess the last ones are missing.

We copied the scans from:

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Tajikistan - Davlatmand (Daulatmand) Kholov & Ensemble - Cassettes 4 & 5 out of the six cassettes box "Musiqi-e Milal-e Musalman - Music of the Islamic People" released by Anjuman Musiqi Iran (Society for Iranian Music) in 1996 in Iran

Here we post two cassettes devoted to Tajikistan out of a box of six cassettes. This box was published by the same organization as the series of 18 albums "Local Iranian Music", each containing six cassettes, from which we posted up to now only the volume on Baluchestan.
My friend KF made many years ago a double CD out of these two volumes and created covers based on the booklet to the cassettes. Unfortunately I don't have these cassettes anymore. The volume 3 by another very popular Tajik singer we will not post as it is not that interesting. What the other volumes contained I don't remember anymore, except that one volume contained recordings by Bismillah Khan. Maybe there was also one volume by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Anyway, I didn't consider them important enough to keep them or make copies of them.
Davlatmand (Daulatmand) Kholov is a well known and in Tajikistan very popular artist, who created a new national, so called "classical" music, based on the music of Badakhshan. His goal was to replace the real classical music which is the Shashmaqam and the Maqam of the Ferghana Valley and which are in Tajikistan the same as the ones performed in Uzbekistan, the only difference being that in Tajikistan the poems are in Tajik (Persian). But Davlatmands music is still folk music and can't compare with the real classical Maqam music in its refinement and greatness. See our future posts.  
There are three CDs released by Davlatmand, one by the French label Inedit, another, more recent one by the Russian label Long Arms Records and a double CD on the Iranian label Barbat, performing together with some Iranian musicians.
For more information on the artist, see the booklet to the CD published in France.

Monday, 6 August 2018

Traditional Music Of The Tajik People - Anthology: Musical Art of the Peoples of the USSR - Double LP released in the Soviet Republic of Tajikistan in 1985

Here we present an interesting double LP of Tajik music. It contains on the first two sides religious and folk music. In most cases I know too little of the music to say what kind of genre it is.
On side 3 there are first one or two pieces of folk music, then some classical instrumental pieces and the last piece is supposed to be by a famous Hafiz (bard), unfortunately in a blown up version where a chorus and percussions usurp the main part, which normally have nothing to do in this music. Sharif Juraev sings only a couple of seconds in the very beginning. Typical bad outcome of cultural politics, which occured not only in Soviet times, but still today. On side 4 there is finally Shashmaqom music. 
Unfortunately there are not many releases of Tajik music available, a few of Shashmaqom and quite a number of CDs of the music of Badakhshan. As far as I know only one or two CDs of the music of the bards (Hafiz) exist.
This anthology is prepared jointly with the Folklore Comission of the USSR Composers' Union. Recordings done in 1954, 1967-1983. Manufactured at the Tashkent pressing plant. Pressed in 2000 copies.

Saturday, 4 August 2018

Tanburi Abdi Coşkun - Tanbur Taksimleri - Cassette released in Turkey in the 1980s or 1990s

Here we present excellent recordings by the great Tanbur player Abdi Coşkun. Unfortunately one doesn't find much information on him in the internet except that he was born in 1941 and that he was a student of the great Tanbur master Necdet Yaşar, himself a student Mesut Cemil Bey, the son of Tanburi Cemil Bey. In the booklet to the CD "Turquie - L'art du tanbur ottoman" (VDE-586), which is devoted to the plucked Tanbur, played by Abdi Coşkun, and the bowed Tanbur, played by Fahreddin Çimenli, the author Kudsi Erguner writes that Abdi Coşkun "has distinguished himself by his noble and creative style situated halfway between that of his master and the more traditional one of the famous Izzeddin Ökte." 
There is a biography in Turkish in the internet, which the Google Translator translates unfortunately into quite some nonsense.
The Turkish Tanbur is considered the most important and most noble instrument of Ottoman music. In each generation in the last century there have been only very few great masters of this difficult instrument.

On the instrument see: 

This cassette finishes quite abruptly on side B. We have made the end a little bit more smooth by creating a short fade out.

In 2011 we had posted from the same series a cassette by the great Kemence master Hasan Esen.


About Izzeddin (Izzettin) Ökte (1910-1991)

Izzeddin Ökte was a famous Tanbur player who represented an old, very traditional style of Tanbur playing. His music was free of influences of the great Tanburi Cemil Bey (1873-1916), who was a very inspired musician with limitless creativity, who not only left an immense influence on Ottoman classical music, but also on many Arabic musicians of several generations. There are a number of CDs available by him. Recently a box of 10 CDs, 1 LP and a book was released by Kalan.
Izzeddin Ökte kept to the old art of Taksim playing and was and is only known to few connoiseurs. I remember still very vividly my first encounter with his music. In the mid 1980s I was in a Turkish bookshop in Berlin Kreuzberg and there was playing wonderful Tanbur music. I asked the owner if this music was for sale. He said that these were his private recordings and showed me a set of two cassettes by Izzeddin Ökte, published by an institution of music lovers in Istanbul. I never was able to obtain these recordings. Much later I discovered on a Turkish website (probably by the same institution of music lovers) these recordings as commercial downloads. But I was not able to download them as one needed apparently a Turkish bank card. See here for the first cassette and the second cassette.
In the meantime there are quite a number of recordings by him on YouTube, also partly those from the two cassettes. Here two beautiful longer collections of his music which I discovered a few days ago:

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Sunday, 29 July 2018

M. Sadreddin Özçimi - Ney Taksimleri - Cassette released in Turkey

Here we present a beautiful cassette of Taqsims (improvisations) on the Turkish Ney by Sadreddin Özçimi, the greatest Ney master (Neyzen) of his generation. He is in the tradition of Ney masters of the Mevlevi, the Whirling Dervishes. See here our other Ney posts.
Born in Konya in 1955, he studied under the great Ney masters Aka Gündüz Kutbay and Niyazi Sayın. He has quite a number of cassette and CD releases in Turkey.
Sadreddin Özçimi also studied Ebruthe art of marbled paper, from the leading ebru masters of today. He published a book on this art. This is typical of traditional Ney masters: they very often were and are experts in several other traditional arts like calligraphy, ebru or the craft of manufacturing prayer beeds.


Here beautiful examples by other artists:

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Ashug (Ashiq) Yunis Hasanov - Folk Songs of Azerbaijan - LP released in Soviet Azerbaijan in 1979

Here we present - for comparison with our two earlier posts of Edalat Nasibov - a traditional Ashiq from Azerbaijan, accompanying himself on Saz. Normally the texts are in Ashiq music, as in these recordings, the most important part. It becomes quite evident here how innovative and creative Edalat Nasibov was.

A1 Bu erler
A2 Gurban olum
A3 Kurdem
B1 Deil
B2 Mehebbet
B3 Ana


Thursday, 26 July 2018

Ashiq Edalat Nasibov - Anonymous Cassette from the 1980s

Here another, even more fantastic recording by Edalat Nasibov. This is the rip of a cassette, which our friend Werner Durand copied in the 1980s from the collection of his Ney teacher.
Many thanks to Werner for sharing so generously.

Monday, 23 July 2018

Ashiq Edalat Nasibov - Great Master (Ostad) of the Saz of Azerbaijan - Majlis (private concert) in Baku in 1989 - Cassette released in UK

We just received from our dear friend Werner Durand the rip of a cassette by Edalat Nasibov, the outstanding master (Ostad) of the Saz of Azerbaijan. Edalat Nasibov is probably the greatest master of this instrument in recent decades, playing a very virtuosic instrumental version of the music of the Ashiqs of Azerbaijan, next to Mugham the other great musical tradition in this country. Occasionally he sings also.

The French label Ocora released in 2003 a CD by him under the title: Edalat Nasibov - L'Art du Saz - The Art of the Saz. The CD was recorded by Jean During.
"With innovative instrumental techniques of fingering and tuning and a richly ornamental style, virtuoso sàz lute performer Edalat Nasibov plays tunes which explore the art of the âshyq (Azerbaijani bards whose golden age lasted from the 15th to the 16th centuries)." from the backside of  this CD.

The artist was born in 1939 and passed away in September 2017.

On the tradition of Ashiq music in Azerbaijan see:

Many thanks to Werner for his generous sharing.

Friday, 20 July 2018

Habil Aliyev (1927-2015) - Playing of Habil Aliyev - Zabul Tesnifi, Çargah Tesnifi, Segah Tesnifi, Dogah Tesnifi - LP released in Soviet Azerbaijan in 1976

Here a wonderful LP by the great master, accompanied on Balaban, a double-reed wind instrument similar to the Armenian Duduk, which has here the function to provide a drone, played by N. Alakhverdiyev, and on Naqara, a kettle drum, played by Ali Amiraslanov. The Duduk is sometimes used to provide a drone in Azerbaijani Mugham music.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Habil Aliyev (1927-2015) - Kemencheh from Azerbaijan - Folk Tunes - Cassette released in Iran probably in the late 1980s or the 1990s

Here another cassette by Habil Aliyev. This one has folk tunes and at the end some imitations of animals. He is accompanied here by the Iranian musician Arjang Kamkar on Tombak. Perhaps someone can provide a translation of the liner notes.