Saturday, 28 March 2015

Gharanon Ki Gaiki - Vol. 9 - Fateh Ali Khan - Vol. 1 - Patiala Gharana

Next we have three cassettes by the great, very charismatic Patiala singer Ustad Fateh Ali Khan. I'm personally very fond of him and his emotionally charged voice. For me it is like old vine: makes you drunk. Such beautiful recordings. There have been quite a number of CDs by him, some still available (for example from:
See here our earlier post of a cassette by him.

On the artist see:
and especially this beautiful article in three parts:

Friday, 20 March 2015

Gharanon Ki Gaiki - Vol. 5 - Roshan Ara Begum (1917-1982) - Vol. 1 - Kirana Gharana

Next come 4 cassettes by the Malka-e-Mausiqi (The Queen of Music) Roshan Ara Begum, legendary singer of the Kirana Gharana. See here our post of an LP from the eraly 1960s. There you find also more information about the artist.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Gharanon Ki Gaiki - Vol. 1 - Ustad Salamat Ali Khan (1934-2001) - Vol. 1 - Sham Chorasi Gharana

Gharanon Ki Gaiki - Schools of Music - Set of 20 cassettes published in 1978 in Pakistan

Over the next couple of weeks we will post the 20 cassettes from this wonderful box devoted to the vocal Gharanas existing in Pakistan. Many of the singers were amongst the greatest of their times, though some were hardly known outside some circles of connoisseurs. The singers were accompanied by equally great Sarangi and Tabla players. Just wonderful. I bought this box in the early 1980s in a Pakistani record shop in Southall near London.