Sunday, 11 May 2014

Mohammad Shareef Khan Poonchwale (1926-1980) - Some Vichitra Veena Recordings

As the great Sitar and Vichitra Veena master Ustad Mohammad Shareef Khan Poonchwale (1926-1980) has still not got the attention by music lovers he deserves and especially his mastery over the difficult and rare Vichitra Veena is very little known, we post here some recordings, orginally posted by Dr. Ashfaq Ali Khan (Holistic Khan) in his wonderful treasure troves on esnips and mediafire. The original folders don't seem to be available anymore in the internet. Earlier we posted the only Vichitra Veena LP by the artist here

1. Raga Aimen (31:23)
2. Raga Darbari (18:16)
3. Pilu Thumri (13:05)

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