Monday, 23 December 2013

Bali - Lelambatan - LP Galloway - Musique du Monde 17 (1975)

Another wonderful LP of Gamelan music in this great series. 
For more information about this series and the man who made these recordings see our post: Java - Vocal I

Side 1:
1 - Tabuh EnemTampaksiring25/09/1972
Gong kebyar "Salisiran" TampaksiringGong Kebyar Tampaksiring10'05
2 - Tabuh PisanTampaksiring25/09/1972
Gong kebyar "Salisiran" TampaksiringGong Kebyar Tampaksiring08'15

Side 2:
3 - LelambatanPinda04/09/1971
Gong kebyar "Kesuma Darma" PindaGong Kebyar "Kesuma darma" Pinda26'40


Saturday, 21 December 2013

Java - Vocal II - LP Galloway - Musique du Monde 22 (1975)

Another wonderful LP of Gamelan music in this great series. 
For more information see our post of Java - Vocal I

Side 1:
1 - Langen Mondro Wanoro: excerpt "Sumantri ngenger"Yogyakarta (RRI)08/09/1969
Sadat Pengasih (Kyahi)RRI Yogyakarta27'55

Side 2:
2 - Gending WidasariYogyakarta (Paku Alaman)23/08/1970
Tlagamuncar (Kyahi)Pura Paku Alaman26'52

Monday, 16 December 2013

Musique Classique Algerienne - Semaine Culturelle de Constantine 1968 - Vol. 1 - LP published in Algeria


Side A:
Abdelkrim Dali & Orchestre Classique d'Alger
Extraits d'une suite du mode Rasd-Dil

Side B:
Mohammed Tahar Fergani & Orchestre Constantinois
Extraits du mode Sika

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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Gopal Mishra (1921-1977) - Sarangi - All India Radio broadcast

Here we present an AIR broadcast by the great Sarangi master Gopal Mishra (1921-1977), accompanied by the great Anokhe Lal Mishra on Tabla. 

1. Raga Piloo (14:41)
2. Purvi Chaiti in Raga Mishra Khamaj (13:56)
3. Raga Maru Bihag (28:02)

See the very helpful remarks by Gidi Hubbert in the comments below.

With Anokhe Lal Mishra, 1950s

About the artist:
Fondly called as 'Sarangi Magician', "King of Accompaniment", the sarangi maestro Pt. Gopal Misra was born to the family of distinguished artists of their times. In early years his training began under his father Pt. Sursahay Misra, Pt. Bade Ramdas and his elder brother Pt. Hanuman Misra. Under the meticulous guidance of these recognized musicians he acquired great mastery over the instrument and emerged as one of the prominent and leading sarangi players of Banaras Gharana. Whether accompanied or solo it was a rare possibility to find someone who could surpass Pt. Gopal Misra, who performed both within the country and abroad and won many accolades for Kashi's proud heritage through his heart warming performances.