Saturday, 21 December 2013

Java - Vocal II - LP Galloway - Musique du Monde 22 (1975)

Another wonderful LP of Gamelan music in this great series. 
For more information see our post of Java - Vocal I

Side 1:
1 - Langen Mondro Wanoro: excerpt "Sumantri ngenger"Yogyakarta (RRI)08/09/1969
Sadat Pengasih (Kyahi)RRI Yogyakarta27'55

Side 2:
2 - Gending WidasariYogyakarta (Paku Alaman)23/08/1970
Tlagamuncar (Kyahi)Pura Paku Alaman26'52


Lucky said...

thanks a lot for this 2nd vol.,
tawfiq - enjoyed vol. 1 very much.

here is brunet's discography of recordings from indonesia + malaysia, 1972-1982:

the entry on this recording reveals that the rec. were made in 1969+1970 in yogyakarta:


Timmy said...

Superb! Thanx for all this classy & classic stuff.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I cannot manage to download these files from 'adrive' : it just doesn't work. What do you think is the problem?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I don't manage to download these files : what do you think is the problem?