Saturday, 23 September 2017

Pandit Mallikarjun Mansur sings rare and complex Ragas - LP published in India in 1978

Now we post two LPs by the great Mallikarjun Mansur which our blogger friend Bolingo already posted years ago. But at that time to offer also flac files was not the norm. We present here also flac files. 
Here the first of these two LPs. It was the very first LP by this artist I ever encountered and bought. I discovered it in the late 1970s in one of the 3 or 4 Indian and Pakistani record shops in Southall near London. I remember still very vividly that when I saw this record I immediately knew that I was in front of something exceptional. What first struck me was that ascetic looking intense face. I don't remember if I listened already in the shop to the LP. But what I remember is that when I listened to it at home the music took me immediately: I never had heard such beautiful music before and such a radiant voice and such rich taans. It was like eternally flowing music from another world. For many years it stayed my favorite record and still is. By now I have over two hundred recordings by the great master, but this one is still extremely dear to me.
Over the years we posted already seven LPs and cassettes by the artist. See here.


Kiran said...

Many many thanks Tawfiq Saheb! Most beautiful LP by Mansurji....
Grateful for preserving this in lossless format.

Guillermo said...

Sir, let me thank you a second time -the first one were in your previous post- for the fantastics uploads you do. I am just starting to fall in love with oriental music and your blog is an amazing landscape opened vastly where I can roam and satisfy my hunger of beauty. Pease, keep on, you may not be aware of but you are really widening my horizons. Please, feel you have in me a silent student.

Best regards.

KulDEEP said...

Thanks Bro