Sunday, 10 February 2019

Kesarbai Kerkar - Rare Live Recordings - Vol. 4 - Private CD

This is again a private CD containing this time the recordings of the cassette "Rarest of the Rare - Vol. 3", published in 1985, plus two old records: Raga Desh (1936) & Holi Kamach (1955). This CD was again made by Denis Meyer in 2000 with recordings from a cassette from the collection of James Stevenson. Many thanks to both collectors for making these precious recordings available.
As I'm not sure if the cassette "Rarest of the Rare - Vol. 3" just contained only Raga Lalita Gauri (I don't hear any trace that two sides of a cassette were merged into one track) and I have another copy of Vol. 3 containing also a Hori & Chaiti in Raga Bhairavi of similar length, which could well be the side two of that cassette, I add it here.

The order of the recordings posted here is
(ignore the track details given on the back of the CD):

1. Raga Lalita Gauri
2. Hori & Chaiti in Raga Bhairavi
 3. Raga Desh (1936)
4. Holi Kamach (1955)

Note: the term Holi is often transcribed as Hori.

Copy of the cover of the original cassette


shooby said...

thank you for all of your incredible offerings!

I don't usually like to make requests, but by any chance do you have anything by Abdurehim Heyit?

Tawfiq said...

Only what one can find on YouTube.

BT said...

Thank-you very much