Saturday, 23 July 2011

Echoes from the Glorious Past - Sardarbai Karadgekar - Sharadchandra Arolkar - Altaf Hussain Khan - Vinayakrao Patwardhan - An All India Radio Release - HMV STC 850310 & 850311 - Set of 2 cassettes - The Gramophone Company of India

Vol. 1

Side 1:
Sardarbai Karadgekar - Raga Bihagda (25:23)

Side 2:
Sharadchandra Arolkar - Raga Bihag (26:02)

Vol. 2

Side 1:
Altaf Hussain Khan - Raga Hem (27:49)

Side 2:
Vinayakrao Patwardhan - Raga Lalita Gauri (13:24)
Altaf Hussain Khan - Raga Jaij Bilawal (14:09)


sitarjeet said...

Great post, you are a saint.

bolingo69 said...

How wonderful of you Tawfiq to post Arolkar. He was one of the very few Khyal singers favoured by ZMD and ZFD. I have just transferred some privately recorded tapes with several concerts of him from the sixties and they are truly a beauty to behold. Looking forward to listen to these new gens posted by you. I am terribly sorry my time has been so limited lately but I hope it shall clear up a bit after next month.
So many good posts again! Thank you!

As it is rather difficult to find muh information about him I like to share with you some of the few lines I have found so far!

"A doyen of the Gwalior Gharana - the fountainhead of Hindustani classical music - Sharadchandra Arolkar was born in 1912, and groomed in the this tradition by three acknowledged masters: Pandit Krishnrao Shankar Pandit, his uncle
Pandit Eknath Pandit and Pandit Krishnrao Mulye, the famous beenkar, actively helped young Arolkar in his quest for excellence. Not many people know that he also plays the veena with practiced ease.

He traces his lineage to the legendary Sadarang and Adarang - originators of the khayal - through the late Haddu-Hassu Khan and Nissar Hussain Khan.

Having assimilated the teachings of all his gurus over a lifetime of dedication, perseverance and disciplined scholarship. Pandit Arolkar moulded them into a style which, while retaining its pristine classicism, allows ample scope for creative expression. In one of his rare interviews, he said "What is the Gwalior Gharana but a mahanadi (great river) fed by many streams. When a style matures, it becomes a gharana."

Any more info is always welcome

Omar said...

Dear Taufiq,

sorry for the delay. I was abroad for some time. Here is the Munawar Ali Khan LP consisting of Kuheri Kalyan and Bairagi, as promised.
Please post it, too. Are there any other LP's of his?
I have some of his recordings, please feel free asking if you're interested.

Thank you so much for this priceless contribution!!!


Tawfiq said...

Dear Bolingo,
thank you very much for sharing the info about Pt. Arolkar, one of the truly greats of the last century.

Tawfiq said...

Dear Omar,
thank you very much for sharing the 4th and last LP - as far as I know - by Munawar Ali Khan.
If you have better scans - front and back - I will be pleased to post this LP.
In Pakistan had been published by EMI Pakistan two beautiful cassettes - perhaps also on LP - which can be downloaded, for example from Amazon.

Tawfiq said...

The Sangeet Research Academy has a new page in the "Celebrated Masters" series devoted to Sharadchandra Arolkar:

matt said...

There seems to be something wrong with the link for Vol. 1. It looks like it is available to download, but it fails. Would you be willing to re-upload it? Vol. 2 is wonderful!


Tawfiq said...

Hi Matt,
Just downloaded it myself and it worked perfectly. Try again.

matt said...

Hm, very strange. It failed for me several times in the last few days (including today), but finally worked. Thank you for the quick response, and for sharing so much wonderful music!