Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Ahmed Şahin (Ney & Vocal) - Hoş Sada - Örnek Ezanlar (Samples of Adhan) - Cassette from Turkey

Turkish cassette which gives samples of Adhan
(call to prayer) in different Maqams, preceded by
instrumental improvisations in the same Maqams.

M. Emin, A. Şahin & K. Korucu (Vocal)
A. Şahin (Ney), F. Karakaya (Kemençe), Ö. Özel (Tanbur)

The Call to prayer (Ezan, arabic: Adhan), which invites the Muslims into the Mosque for prayer (Salah), is since centuries a very important part of Turkish Islamic culture.
The call to prayer, which is done five times every day, was performed each time in a different Maqam.
In selecting the Maqam for the call attention is paid to the fact that certain times of the day have an effect on the human soul.
So the human being tastes at different times of the day different melodies of the call of prayer which gives nourishment to the soul.
Mehmet Ali Bakirci


bolingo69 said...

Thank you Tawfiq! Many people are going to be wanting this. I am very frequently asked for compilations of this kind! I had to do many myself from various sources to satisfy such requests.

Happy to see your blog steadily growing!

arvind said...

Yes, this is a real delight! Thanks, Tawfiq! Adhan, for me, has always been one of the most highly developed and touching forms of vocal expression.

When time allows, please share other recordings of Adhan that you might have in your collection. It will be greatly appreciated!

Tawfiq said...

Dear Arvind,
thank you. I have some more - at least two others. I will post them later.

deodac said...

WOW, Tawfiq! Thank you very much.

I am doing since december a project on the adhan, and have now more than 300 of them from many different releases (mostly all commercial World and Early music releases, as well as historic and field recordings).

I will share the project when concluded either in torrent form and to direct download. Will let you know where it will be posted. It will be free to distribute everywhere...

Also, Looking forward to those two other adhan recordings. Wouldn't you have the saudi release "Calls from the Holy Mosque"s CD, BTW? It is a release I've been looking for since many months now.

Anyhow, this cassette will surely rock for my already 600 tracks, 5GB sized project. Thank you so much. Bookmarking your fantastic blog. My mail is deodac gmail if you want to ask for the .xls spreadsheet of all tracks of the project as of today.

Best Regards.

Tawfiq said...

That sounds great. Here two other cassettes from Turkey I have:
1. Ezan Kamet, also by Ahmed Sahin
2. Ismail Cosar, Davet, where he sings in between the Adhans Qasidas with 'Ud accompaniment.

I will post soon an Ilahiler cassette from Turkey on which is a very beautiful Adhan with a nightingale singing in the background.

There is a very interesting CD of historical recordings published in Iran by an association of music lovers and record collectors:
Spiritual Voices (1) - Azan - A selection of rare records in Iran, Egypt and Turkey, Awaye-Mehrabaani Institute, AWA 016
Contents: Iran: 1. Jenab Damavandi in Bayat Tork, 2. Taj Esfahani in Bayat Tork, 3. Saadatmand Qomi in Bayat Tork, 4. Rahim Moazenzade in Bayat Tork, 5. Salim Moazenzade in Dashti, 6. Jahanbakhsh Kordizade (Bakhshu) in Shur, 7. Aqati in Bayat Tork, Egypt: 8. Taha Alfasni in Maqame Bayati, 9. Taha Alfasni in Maqame Rast, 10. Taha Alfasni in Maqame Hejaz, 11. Seyed Sheikh Mohammad Emran in Maqame Segah, 12. Seyed Sheikh Mohammad Emran in Maqame Hejaz, 13. Seyed Sheikh Mohammad Emran in Maqame Rast, 14. Sheikh Abdolbaset Mohammad Abdossamad in Maqame Rast, Turkey: 15. Maqame Rast - Egyptian Style, 16. Maqame Saba, 17. Maqame Segah, 18. Maqame Bastenegar, 19. Sa'dedin Hafez, 20. Child Azan.
The CD can be ordered for 12,00 EUR at:

Later I will look if I have some Adhans from Arabic countries.

deodac said...

Thanks very much for your quick response, Tawfiq !

I have just answered bolingo's mail with the project's list,
after a total system crash I had yesterday.
You may ask it for to him, or write me,
if interested in reviewing it, which could be indicated
to discard the tracks I might well have already.

About your post, I'd say:

Yeah, that AWA release you mention was firstly quoted to me by AB
some weeks ago, and he might well rip it in the future. I cannot possibly buy it
though: I have had no jor or income since many months now,
but it surely seems breathtaking for the project, as well as the two cassettes
you have in your collection... I confess I would very much like to have the chance
to listen to them, ...and to the nightingale.. LoL

I am deeply touched you seem interested enough to help me fulfilling the projects' scope,
and I will visit your blog periodically then, to grab those beautiful shares you plan to post here.

As for the project, everyone involved or contributing to will be credited, and, again,
I would also welcome any comments, hints or criticism the updated list might arise among any of you.

Thank you very much indeed for your most kind response,
I send you my best regards, and hope we'll be in touch from now on.

So long, Tawfiq.

deodac said...

Hello, Tawfiq:

As you probably know by now,
the final project on the adhan, boasting 1473 tracks,
was posted on Demonoid on July 24th, 2012,
just three days before the tracker went down.

I have uploaded it to 30 peers over the course of a month,
but, as the circumstances were rather odd, I don't know if arvind up there,
bolingo or yourself had the chance to grab it, or not.

No one has answered me, about the issue.

I have the torrent file, which is seeded,
and plan to upload it again, as soon as I find a suitable tracker to do that,
and, with time, it will also be uploaded to direct servers,
although the project originally had 1473 tracks (not 1460 as stated in the post),
and since then, it has been expanded a bit (some 40 new tracks),
and it will continue to grow over time, as I have requested some rare things to do so.

If you need the torrent file, I have it already uploaded,
but I just wanted to inquire if you guys did get it,

and thatnk you again for your wonderful contributions.

So long

deodac add gmail dot com.

haSSan said...

Selam Tawfiq, i just came cross this blog and found this precious resource. But when i tried to download it through your link, it didn't exit any more. Maybe expired i think, so could you please reshare it? i'm muslim from china and it's hard to find this kind of adhan which performed with instrument.
Thanks a lot and Jazkallah Khair!

Tawfiq said...

As Salamu alaikum Hassan,
I just checked the download link and it seems that Rapishare is blocked. I checked other links and the same problem. I have no idea why that is. I will continue to look into it and inform you about the results, insha'Allah.

Tawfiq said...

As Salamu alaikum Hassan,
I just tried again. When you open the download link and then renew the link it works. I just downloaded the file successfully. I tried other links and the same thing happened. First nothing moved and when I renewed the link than I was able to download it. Very strange!

Psikofobi said...