Sunday, 12 June 2011

Hameed Ali Khan & Fateh Ali Khan (Gwalior Gharana) - Vol. 2 - Lok Virsa CL-0023 (1987)

Sarangi: Alla Rakha Khan
Tabla: Muhammad Ajmal

Side A:
Raag Lalat (29:25)

Side B:
Raag Bihag (30:12)

Cassette from Lok Virsa, Islamabad, Pakistan


Daffy said...

Thank You

bolingo69 said...

Absolute Treasure!

Thank you, Tawfiq!

arvind said...

Absolutely wonderful! My heartfelt thanks for sharing these cassettes!

Giri Mandi said...

One should say that Hazrat Muhammad Ghauth Gwaliori's blessings are still very effective on the Gwalior Gharana!
Many Thanks for this precious gift.

Tasawwuf said...

Wish I could download and listen to this. Unfortunately it seems the file is corrupted.

Tawfiq said...

This is quite strange. First I downloaded it, but was not able to unpack the download. So I uploaded it again as a rar.file and downloaded it afterwards. Again there was a problem of unpacking it. But then I tried with "extract here" and both files worked: the old one and the new one. So it is more a question of unpacking it. You just have to try using different ways. Sorry for the inconvenience. I have no idea why it is this way.