Saturday, 25 June 2011

Ustad Munawar Ali Khan - Punjabi songs: Pahadi & Kafi - LP ECSD 2584 (1979) - The Gramophone Company of India

Side 1: Pahadi
1. Bamna Daya Chorooa (6:59)
2. Lajoo Lajoo (7:31)
3. Raji Rehna Mari Bah Mani (7:23)

Side 2: Kafi
1. Sawan Boondaniyan Jhar Lawey (8:49)
2. Wey Miyan Toon Ranjhey (11:02)

Sarangi: Mohammed Sagiruddin Khan
Tabla: Wajid Hussain
Harmonium: Asad Ali


bolingo69 said...

Most remarkable!!
This was going to be my post today!

I am stumped! Since you posted another LP by Munawar yesterday I thought I was going to surprise with this one and now you have it. I may post mine as well but I think I'll listen to the sound of yours first maybe it is better ;-)

Well, maybe it is not so odd after all as we have rather similar tastes and you brought it up ! Good to see the son of Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan anyhow!

I know of no more LP's! b.t.w my LP is published 1978! maybe they are different pressings, I'll download yours and compare ....

Tawfiq said...

Dear Bolingo,
sorry. I think it's the same pressing. The confusion results from 1978 being said on the labels and 1979 on the backside of the cover.
I have one more Munawar Ali Khan LP prepaired to be posted soon: ECSD 41505 (1982).
There is a fourth LP by him which I don't have and never saw: ECSD 2609 (1980).
Would be great if you have this one and could post it.
Have a beautiful evening

DrKashyap said...

Subhanallah !

Anonymous said...

I just discover your blog... Thank you so much to share these wonderful musics !