Sunday, 12 June 2011

Nikhil Banerjee - Raga-Musik aus Nordindien - Harmonia Mundi 20-29101-4

Tabla: Ustad Feijaz (Faiyaz) Khan

Side 1:
Charukesi (23:05)

Side 2:
Bhairavi (23:49)


bolingo69 said...

Wonderful Tawfiq!

I had this one but it went astray long long ago! Very nice to have it back! Your blog is fantastic already! What fertilizer do you use to make it grow at such a tremendous speed! Anyhow wonderful gardening! You have very green fingers ;-)

Alan Tootill said...

first time I've seen the LP covers, many thanks

Alexis said...

This is the best Bhairavi I've ever heard!

GD said...

Thanks for this, and good luck with the new blog.


Steffen said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Gran grabación. Muchas gracias. Salud.

anshuman said...

please reupload on adrive
thanks in advance

Tawfiq said...

The download link still functions. My ADrive is full. I don't understand the sense of your request.