Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Bilton & Hamidullah - Vol. 1 - Cassette from Afghanistan


arvind said...

Absolutely wonderful! I've been looking for good examples of Pashto music for a long time, but had so far satisfied myself with what I could find on youtube, including some nice songs by Ustad Bilton. Very happy to have this!

A. said...

There's actually only one Pashto song on this album - the rest are all in Dari-Farsi.

Tawfiq said...

Dear Arvind,
I will post soon the second volume and some other artists from the same tradition.

Guillermo said...

Dear Tawfiq,

Sir, may I ask you a question? Do the cassettes by Bilton & Hamidullah and Ustad Jilani have been recorded in Afghanistan? If yes, when? Unfortunately, I cannot read in Arab, so I am not able to understand the sleeves.

Thank you "en advance" for your answer and thank you one more time for this marvelous blog, really, thank you from my heart.

Best regards,

Tawfiq said...

They have been recorded in Afghanistan, but no idea when as there are no dates or years given on the cassettes. I guess in th 1980s. Maybe earlier. Definitely before the Taliban.