Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Orchestre De La Musique Marocaine Andalouse Sous La Direction De Moulay Ahmed Loukili ‎– Sanaye Mine Koddam Listihlal & Mawal Touma Insiraf Bhtaïhi Erak l'Ajam - LP published in Morocco probably in the early 1970s or in the 1960s

Here we continue our series for the beautiful nights of Ramadan. We here post two beautiful LPs by the great Moulay Ahmed Loukili and his orchestra. He was the artist attached to Moroccan radio in Rabat. He had many broadcasts there. One can find quite a number on YouTube, especially if one puts in his name in Arabic: 
مولاي أحمد الوكيلي
Noteworthy are these two channels: 

Our LP here is the second (33-010) of four volumes. The first volume we have only as a CD. So we will not post it here. Next we will post volume 3. In these recordings are some innovations regarding the instruments used in the orchestra, but in total the performances, especially the vocals, are in an old, very beautiful way.
On this LP we have on Side 1 selections from the 5th movement of Nouba Istihlal and on side 2 a Mawal (vocal improvisation) and parts of the 3rd movement of Nouba 'Irak al-'Ajam.

In 2011 we posted an LP which has one side by Moulay Ahmed Loukili and in 2012 another LP with one side by him. See there also detailed information on the artist.


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i went to YouTube and found several dozen recordings from Moroccan National Radio by Moulay Ahmed Loukili. YT is certainly becoming one of the best ways to find fairly obscure music.

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