Monday, 28 May 2018

Coran - Sourates 81-114 - Cheikh Hadj Al-Mehdi - Cinquantenaire du Cheikh al-Alawi 1934-1984 - Cassette published in France in 1984

Here another beautiful recording of Qur'an recitation, this time group recitation (Qira'a Jama'iya), which is - at least in this form - special to Morocco and Algeria. In Moroccan mosques often after the morning prayer and the sunset prayer a group of believers used to remain in the mosque, often forming a circle, and to recite one hizb (a sixtieth) of the Qur'an, thus completing every month an entire recitation of the Qur'an. At least it used to be this way a few decades ago. A good part of the reciters knew at that time the Qur'an still by heart, others were reading from the book.
Here we hear the last part of the Qur'an, called Juz' 'Amma, recited under the direction of Shaikh al-Mehdi, probably in the Zawiya of the Alawiya in Mostaghanem, Algeria. Shaikh al-Mehdi was the eldest son of Shaikh Adda Bentounes (1898-1952), the successor of Shaikh Ahmed Alawi (1869-1934), and was head of the Alawiya from 1952 till his death in 1975.
Only one side of this cassette has a recording, but the recording itself is complete.


tim abdellah said...

Many many thanks for this, Tawfiq! I adore this style of recitation. My father in law used to bring a group of reciters (tolba) to the house on auspicious occasions. It's very powerful to be in a small room with a group of men reciting in this style.

Tawfiq said...

Dear Tim, thank you. Yes, it has something very powerful and also very victorious. I love it.