Monday, 21 May 2018

Haj Abderrahman ben Moussa (1908-1997) - Complete Qur'an on 60 cassettes published in Morocco, probably in the late 1980s - Second set: cassettes 31 to 60

Here the second set with cassettes 31 to 60:

Vol. 32 - flac
Vol. 32 - mp3


Guillermo said...

Thank you, Tawfiq...

Anonymous said...

An immense thank you for this and all of your posts. I'm reading the Quran in full for the first time and this is a wonderful addition to that experience.

Just a note, labels for cassette/hizb 32 and 33 have been accidentally mixed up. The mp3 zip for 33 is actually cassette 32, with all of Sura TaHa, and vice versa. Thank you again!

Tawfiq said...

Thank you. If this is the case the mistake is already in the cassettes.
Congratulations for this experience.