Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Ahmed Raza Khan - Vichitra Veena - Recordings from All India Radio

We pointed out this great master of the Vichitra Veena in a post in 2013, without sharing any music by him, just referring to his excellent CD published in Germany. See here.
Recently we received some AIR recordings from our friend KF, which we share here. Many thanks to him for his generosity.
On the artist see:

Broadcast by AIR Delhi, Nov. 1980: 

1. Raga Basant Mukhari: Alap,Gat Vilambit Tintal & Drut Tintal - Tabla: Nanak Chand 
2. Raga Mishra Pilu - Tabla: Nanak Chand 
3. Raga Ahir Todi: Gat Vilambit Tintal & Drut Tintal - Tabla: Faiyaz Khan

from the cover of an EP published by Gramophone Company of India in 1975


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Merci, tashakur, shukria...vichitra veena is an exquisite instrument to listen to :)