Saturday, 2 June 2018

Orchestre De La Musique Marocaine Andalouse Sous La Direction De Moulay Ahmed Loukili ‎– Insiraf Koddam l'Maia & Insiraf Btaihi l'Maia - LP published in Morocco in the early 1970s or in the 1960s

Here volume 3 (33-011) from the series of 4 volumes of LPs by Moulay Ahmed Loukili. Unfortunately the sound quality is not the best. I guess these recordings are from the archives of Radio Maroc. On this LP are selections from the 5th and from the 3rd movement of Nouba Maya. No idea why they have it in this order. Usually the 3rd movement should come before the 5th one.
We are in the process of buying also volume 4 and hope that we can post it then next.

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