Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Orchestre De La Musique Marocaine Andalouse Sous La Direction De Moulay Ahmed Loukili - Insiraf Btaihi Rasd Ddail & Insiraf Koddam Lisbihan - LP published in Morocco in the early 1970s or in the 1960s

Here the promiosed very beautiful volume 4 (33-012) from the series of 4 volumes of LPs by Moulay Ahmed Loukili. On this LP we have selections from the 3rd movement of Nouba Dil on side 1 and from the 5th movement of Noube Isbihan on side 2.


Richard said...

Thank you. So lovely!

Lucky said...

Thank you for sharing the outstanding Orchestre de la Musique Marocaine Andalouse albums! Much appreciated.

Cheers, Lucky

roberth said...

thank u i look forward to this