Friday, 7 December 2018

Hirabai Barodekar (1905-1989) & Saraswati Rane (1913-2006) - Jugalbandi 2 - LP released in India in 1990

We pointed in our last post to "similar procedures in the unfolding of Ragas in the music of Hirabai Barodekar and Roshan Ara Begum (which also can be found in their teachers, especially Ustad Abdul Wahid Khan) and thus making it possible to identify some unique features of the original Kirana Gharana". This fascinating procedure is - of course - the legendary Merukhand method. See:
Especially in Roshan Ara Begum's music I find it extremely fascinating, but also here in the music of Hirabai Barodekar it is very present, though perhaps in a more subtle way.
After these Hirabai Barodekar recordings we will turn to Amir Khan, who was very influenced by Ustad Abdul Wahid Khan and also by Ustad Aman Ali Khan of the Bhendibazar Gharana, which is said to have developed this method.

Noteworthy on the recordings here, the ones in our previous post and also the ones in our next post is the Sarangi accompaniment by one of the greatest Sarangi masters of the 20th century, Ustad Shakoor Khan, a nephew and disciple of Ustad Abdul Wahid Khan. See on him:


MusicRepublic said...

Thank you so very much for these two wondrous All India Radio releases Tawfiq ! I'm in such a contemplative mood after listening to the LP, I'm having a difficult time getting back to work ...

BT said...

Thank-you so much