Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Hirabai Barodekar (1905-1989) & Saraswati Rane (1913-2006) - Jugalbandi 1 - Cassette released in India in 1992

Here a wonderful recording from the archives of All India Radio by Hirabai Barodekar together with her younger sister Saraswati Rane. The first volume we only have as a cassette from a box of two cassettes. The recordings of both cassettes were first released as two LPs in 1990. Of the second volume we have also the LP and will post it next.
It is very interesting to compare Hirabai Barodeka's music with the one by the other great female singer of the Kirana Gharana, Roshan Ara Begum. In the unfolding of the Raga one can discover similar procedures - though in a much more enegertic way in the case of Roshan Ara Begum - and thus be able to identify some unique features of the original Kirana Gharana.

About Saraswati Rane see:


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for your exellent work allways Tawfiq! I'm very happy to explore so much perls like this nearly every day! Please post more about my lovely-favorite singer Parveen Sultana if possible! May god bless you and your work, heartly eizon

BT said...

Many thanks