Saturday, 26 May 2018

Abd es-Sadeq Cheqara (Shekara) (1931-1998) - Chekara con la Orquesta Tetuan - LP published 1984 in Spain

Here we start a series of music for the beautiful nights of Ramadan.

Abd es-Sadeq Cheqara was a great singer of not only classical Arabo Andalusian music but also of old folk and Sufi traditions of his home town Tetuan. At the same time he was a virtuoso violin and 'ud player. In Morocco many LPs, cassettes and CDs by him were published over several decades.
We discovered this LP only recently. Unfortunately the copy we bought a couple of months ago is not in perfect shape, but as it seems to be quite rare and the music is very beautiful we decided to post it.
This LP contains next to Arabo Andalusian music on the second half of side 2 some examples of folk music.
By the same artist we posted in 2014 a beautiful LP published in Morocco in the 1970s. See here. In 2011 we posted a cassette of a Sufi ceremony with an Arabo-Andalusian ensemble, which is probably under his direction. See here.

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