Monday, 6 August 2018

Traditional Music Of The Tajik People - Anthology: Musical Art of the Peoples of the USSR - Double LP released in the Soviet Republic of Tajikistan in 1985

Here we present an interesting double LP of Tajik music. It contains on the first two sides religious and folk music. In most cases I know too little of the music to say what kind of genre it is.
On side 3 there are first one or two pieces of folk music, then some classical instrumental pieces and the last piece is supposed to be by a famous Hafiz (bard), unfortunately in a blown up version where a chorus and percussions usurp the main part, which normally have nothing to do in this music. Sharif Juraev sings only a couple of seconds in the very beginning. Typical bad outcome of cultural politics, which occured not only in Soviet times, but still today. On side 4 there is finally Shashmaqom music. 
Unfortunately there are not many releases of Tajik music available, a few of Shashmaqom and quite a number of CDs of the music of Badakhshan. As far as I know only one or two CDs of the music of the bards (Hafiz) exist.
This anthology is prepared jointly with the Folklore Comission of the USSR Composers' Union. Recordings done in 1954, 1967-1983. Manufactured at the Tashkent pressing plant. Pressed in 2000 copies.


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