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Pamirian Tunes - Music from Badakhshan, Tajikistan - Double LP released in Soviet Tajikistan in 1978

Here we present an unfortunately incomplete rip of a double LP with music from Badakhshan in the Pamir mountains. Our friend Werner Durand discovered this double LP around 2000 in the collection of someone he used to know. He immediately copied these recordings on CD, or rather he copied as much as fitted on one CD. As he was at that time not that much into this music he didn't make an effort to copy the remaining part to another CD. So we have only 21 tracks out of a total of 27 tracks.
Two copies of this LP are available on Discogs, but the prices are too high for both of us. Unfortunately. But as the recordings are quite rare, we decided to post them as we have them. Perhaps in the future an affordable copy shows up.
This is authentic music of Badakhshan, whereas the music of our earlier post by Davlatmand Kholov is newly arranged music based on this music. This double LP seems to be the only one from the era of LPs. The CD age saw more than 10 CDs.

Here you can download the booklet to one of the first CDs published on the subject: 
See also: 

Many many thanks to Werner for sharing this.

Here the complete track list of this double LP,
taken from

Side 1:
1. Fallak, naigrysh
2. Fallak o Leyli i Medzhnune i Muzyka posle fallaka, naigrysh
3. Fallak o Pamire
4. Viloyatnoma
5. Staryy motiv (sl. Khoki)

Side 2:
6. Ruboi
7. Sanovbar dukhtari chakon
8. Fallak o lyubvi, razluke i rabote
9. Khalo-mo, ruboi
10. Vatan (sl. T. Pulodi)
11. Raznovidnosti napevov-naigryshey fallaka
12. Pamirskiy tanets
13. Ruboyot khalke

Navrussho Kurbonsaidov — tutuk (1); Kalador Rakhmatbekov — peniye i tambur (2), pamirskiy rubob (11); Murodali Safoyev — peniye (3—5), gidzhak (3), pamirskiy rubob (4), kumry (5); Aklimo Aydarbekova — peniye (6—8, 10), doyra (6—10); Shirimo Nazarmamedova — peniye (9—10); Masayn Masaynov — peniye (13), masrud (12, 13)

Side 3:
1. Privetstvennyye ritmy doyr
2. Khushomodi
3. Duduvik
4. Pesnya Dzhami
5. Pesnya Dzhami, variant
6. Svadebnyy tanets i Sho muborak

Side 4:
7. Lalaik bartangskiy
8. Lalaik shugnanskiy
9. Be parvo fallak (sl. K. Shugnoni)
10. Talkyny kuiston, naigrysh
11. Ruboi
12. Kudzho Meravi
13. Dargilik
14. Dargilik i Dargil'modik

Ansambl' doyristok (1), Navrussho Kurbonsaidov — peniye (2, 8, 9, 11, 12), tar (2, 10), vysokiy rubob (3, 4, 11), sitor (8), tambur (9), dutor (12); Murodali Safoyev — peniye i pamirskiy rubob (5), peniye i gidzhak (14); muzhskoy vokal'nyy ansambl', trio doyr (6); Kalador Rakhmatbekov — peniye i pamirskiy rubob (7); Masayn Masaynov — sitor (13)

I don't know which ones from the track list we have in our post. I guess the last ones are missing.

We copied the scans from:


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Thank you so much for posting these old Melodiya records. Central Asian mughams are golden, and quite rare to come by.

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