Saturday, 24 March 2018

The Hindustani Archives - Dhrupad & Khayal - Pandit Tansen Pandey & Ustad Amir Khan - Private Release

Here we have another outstanding recording by the great master of the Dagarvani, Ustad Hussainuddin Dagar (Pt. Tansen Pandey) (1909-1963), next to Rahimuddin Khan Dagar the only artist of the 18th generation of the Dagars, by whom recordings exist. 
As a filler there is also a piece by the great Ustad Amir Khan, unfortunately of quite bad sound quality. In the near future we plan to post 2 or 3 recordings by him.
This is a private CD. It seems that an Indian collector made out of these recordings from unknown sources a private CD and created covers for it. This person seems to take a great pleasure in creating covers and to let them look like real ultra rare releases. Which is sort of funny and sympathetic. And looks nice. In this case the release looks like a published cassette. But for sure it was never released. 
I received these recordings from an Indian collector based in the US. Many many thanks to him for his kindness to share these.

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