Saturday, 10 March 2018

Ram Chatur Mallick - All India Radio recordings (1983) published as a cassette in India in 1990

These recordings exist also on LP: PMLP 3070 (1990). The LP is extremely rare like most of the AIR releases published in 1990 and 1991 by The Gramophone Company of India. As the publication year was already a couple of years beyond the end of the LP in the west, these LPs never made it to the west and even in India apparently they didn't find a wide distribution anymore.
But in India - and sometimes even in the west in Indian shops - in the 1990s one could get these releases as cassettes. This way music lovers who visited India then were able to obtain them and bring them home. From one of these music lovers I purchased recently this cassette.

I apologize for having posted the wrong version of the cassette. In effect I had forgotten that the cassette I purchased recently was quite damaged in the beginning of side 2 as sometimes happens with cassettes. But I have already for many years a rip from my friend KF. And this one is in good shape. I had the intention to post this version together with the scans of the recently bought cassette.
Here now the correct version of the files as originally intendet. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Kiran said...

Thanks much Tawfiq Saab! This LP/cassette is very rare indeed.....
The Shuddha Basant is sung by very few, one of those 'Achhob' Raagas, fantastic recording!

BT said...


Rory said...

Thanks a lo Tawfiq, love those cassettes!