Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Ram Chatur Mallik & Abhay Narayan Mallik - Vrindavan Dhrupad Samaroh, 1983 - Private CD

Here another great recording of Ram Chatur Mallik and his disciple Abhay Narayan Mallik.
This is another private CD, not a commercial one. It seems that an Indian collector made out of these recordings a private CD and created covers for it. This person seems to take a great pleasure in creating covers and to let them look like real ultra rare releases. Which is sort of funny and sympathetic. And looks nice.
I received these recordings from an Indian collector based in the US. Many many thanks to him for his kindness to share these. I received the music of the two CDs as one file, which is probably the original version.


Vineet Kumar said...

Great share 👍

sgirish1 said...

The third piece doesnt seem Kafi. I think it is raga Basant

Vineet Kumar said...

No its paraj

Anonymous said...

Not sure, whats causing the confusion. Panditji announces that its a Hori Dhammar before he starts singing