Thursday, 15 June 2017

Syrie - Vol. 1 - Muezzins d'Alep - Chants Religieux de l'Islam - LP published 1980 in France

Here a wonderful LP of a group of Munshidin (religious or Sufi singers) from Aleppo, under the direction of the legendary Sabri Mudallal. Amongst them also the wellknown Hassan Haffar. We posted already three recordings by the great Sabri Mudallal (see here). We will post soon one of the many recordings by Hassan Haffar.
This LP was released later also on CD, but is no longer available since many years. A volume 2 was never published.


Obay Sh said...

thank you so much for this <3 waiting for more from the arab world

Anonymous said...

Marvelous recording and a clear sing ! Dont miss it. Thnks 2 much.