Sunday, 4 June 2017

Mohammad al-Zahraoui - Sufi Songs (Sama') - Cassette published in Fes, Morocco

Since 27th of may it is Ramadan again. To celebrate it, especially the blessed nights, we post here some cassettes and LPs of Sufi ceremonies, Munshidin from Syria and Qur'an recitation.
First a cassette from Morocco, which I bought in an Islamic bookshop in Brussels in the late 1980s or early 1990s. It contains: Amdah (songs of praising Allah) & Dhikr (remembrance of Allah), Mouloud an-Nabi (celebration of the birthday of the Prophet (saws)) and Wafa ar-Rasoul (?) (I don't know what this means exactly). This is a typical repertoire as it is sung in the first part of a Majlis, a Sufi gathering.

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Rory said...

Great, I'vr in Fès 2 years ago, wonderful city and wonderful peoples. Sufi traditions are very present, son thank for this cassette.