Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Algeria - Shaykh Al 'Alawi's Diwan recorded in Annaba - Cassette published in UK in the 1980s

Very beautiful Sama' (singing of  Sufi poetry) from Annaba in eastern Algeria.


Scheich Ahmad al-Alawi (1869-1934)

On Sheikh al-Alawi (qas) see:
and especially this site which contains a lot of material about the Sheikh:
His Diwan exists in English and French translations, as also many of his other works. 


z25 said...

Thanks for the share
I wonder wav format contain compressed or uncompressed audio ?

Tawfiq said...

wave download is a zip-folder containing the original wave format files.

Unknown said...

Thank you. I once experienced one of these gatherings in person. Unbelievable really. Looking forward to hearing.

tim abdellah said...

Thank you for this and your other offerings this month. Hope your Ramadan has been a good one!