Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Munajat Yulchieva - Ey Dilbari Jononim - LP published in Soviet Uzbekistan in 1982

Munajat Yulchieva is outside of her country the best known traditional singer from Uzbekistan. She toured extensiveley worldwide. I saw her in concerts in Germany: Hamburg, Frankfurt, Cologne and in Holland and Belgium. Unfortunately she has only very few CDs: one on the French Ocora label (1994), one on the German Network label (1997), one published in Uzbekistan, which was sometimes sold at her concerts. There was also a beautiful DVD published in France containing a concert in Paris and a documentary.
I think even in her homecountry she doesn't have a lot published. This here is the only LP I know of (but there might be several more). In the near future I will post an Uzbek MP3-CD by her. I also have a broadcast of a complete concert in Frankfurt from 1998. This I might also post one day.
On the artist see: 

Here a professional translation of the track information, commissioned either by the former owner of the LP or the dealer from whom I bought it.


Mr B. Normal said...

Thanks for this. It looks interesting.

Janas said...

Thank you very much!

Eifila said...

Thanks a lot, Axel.

Here is, if you don't already know it, a whole concert
(more than 2 hours) in video of MY with a large ensemble :

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, thanx for this unknown gem !

Waiting for the rest ;-)

Peace & Love from Italy <3

Anonymous said...

Magnificent ! Long life to your blog