Friday, 3 February 2017

Lalmani Misra (1924-1979) - Nectar of the Moon - Vichitra Vina Music of Northern India - LP published in the US in 1981

We hesitated first to post this LP as the label had plans to republish it on CD. But this project seems to have died already years ago, probably because of lack of interest by the public. A very beautful LP which was for a while, when it first came out, one of my favourite LPs. It was one of the very first LPs devoted to the Vichitra Veena ever to be published. There were only two earlier Vichitra Vina LPs, both published in Pakistan. 
We had already in 2011 posted a cassette by the musician (see here). Our other Vichitra Vina posts see here.

On the musician see:


Palimpsestuous said...
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Palimpsestuous said...

This was the lp most responsible for my original interest in ICM. I listened to my copy only 2 hours ago!
Thanks for posting

Palimpsestuous said...

Also your earlier post of this lovely musician. I have lost myself in it several times since I acquired it.

Rory said...

Beautiful LP, thanks!

Richard said...

I must say, I have never seen even a photo of this LP. And I thought I knew the entire Nonesuch Explorer series!

The only CD reissue of these amazing LPs from the 1960s and 1970s occurred in the late 1990s when they were reissued in a very haphazard way. I have a few dozen "replica" CDs which were published in Japan about 5 years ago (CDs which essentially replicated what was on the original LPs). I ordered these from but now they are no longer available.

I would say that with streaming services being the major outlet for the major labels, that the Nonesuch Explorer series is not going to be reissued in the near-to-mid-range future. People have to know to search for music when they get on Spotify or Apple Music and it is just too much difficulty for the labels to promote music by basically unknown artists. They could count on customers running into the LPs or physical CDs in record shops and making an impulse buy. But not anymore.

Transfers such as yours will be the primary way this music gets preserved.

Thanks for your amazing blog!


Unless a smaller company puts them out, which seems unlikely.

Anonymous said...

I really loved hearing this record, it's simply transcendent. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much!