Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Classical Music of North India - Duet of Sitar and Sarod - LP published in 1982 in Japan

It seems that in Japan quite a number of LPs (and also CDs) were published which hardly ever made it to Europe and probably also not to the US. Here we will post two LPs from 1982 which we recently bought from Japan. It seems that they were never republished on CD.
Even in the Seven Seas Discography on Discogs only 5 LPs are listed from this ethnic series which should have at least 26 volumes and none of the two we post here.

The musicians on this LP are from Nepal. The Sitar and the Tabla players appear on a CD published in 1996 in Nepal. On the Sarod player see here. He has a CD on the French label PlayaSound. Sambhu Prasad Misra, the Tabla player, seems to be known by connoisseurs. There is a very interesting article on him here. He passed away on 12th of march 2002.
Perhaps among the readers of this blog there is someone who knows Japanese well enough to give us a translation of the liner notes or at least the essence of it.


Rory said...

Thanks Tawfiq!

Richard said...

Two instrumentalists I have yet to hear. Thanks so much.

I am sure the LP was pressed using quality materials. Japanese pressings are almost always superior.

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