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Mirror and Song - A collection of 28 cassettes of regional and religious music of Iran published in Iran, recorded in 1994 - Cassette 11: Music from Baluchestan


Side A:
Music from Chabahar - Beluchestan
Dhikrs of Gwati ceremonies
Shahmir Baluch Maldari (Vocal & Tambourak & Leader of the ceremony)
Ali Mohammad Baluch (Ghichak (Sorud))
Eyduk Razmi (Tambourak)
Chalokparvar (Vocal - Qasidah)

Side B:
Music Gwati from Beluchestan
Ali Mohammad Beluch (Sorud (Ghichak))
 Eyduk Razmi (Tambourak)

"Music of guati ceremonies or Qalandari-Guâti music. Guati (or Qalandari-guati) music is specific to the ceremonies of healing the person who is possessed by a supernatural being, and shows symptoms of sickness. Baluchi people interpret the healing process as follows: a person (most of the time a woman) becomes sick and all the efforts of the traditional healer and mollah to cure her are in vain. Patient's relatives, after trying all the possible ways of treatment - and becoming disappointed - take her to a spirit expert (or khalife). These spirits are guats, djins and paries that disturb people for some reasons and make them sick. If someone is possessed by one of these creatures, the only solution is talking to guat and persuading him to let the possessed person alone. In order to do that, a healing ceremony must be held, where music plays an important role." 
Jean During in the booklet to: Regional Music of Iran 9 - Qalandari Music of Baluchistan, Mahoor, M.CD-181 (2005).

In 2012 there was released a double CD in Iran which contains on CD 2 the recordings of this cassette in better sound quality. On CD 1 there is more Gwati (Guati) music. The set has a detailed booklet in Farsi and English by Mohammad Reza Darvishi. As always it can be obtained from:

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