Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Mirror and Song - A collection of 28 cassettes of regional and religious music of Iran published in Iran, recorded in 1994 - Cassette 2: Ashiq & Mugam Music of Eastern Azerbaijan

Side A: Ashiq Music
Track 1 & 3: Ashiq Hassan Eskandari (Vocal & Saz)
accompanied by Balaban & Ghaval
Track 2: Ashiq Rasul Ghorbani (Vocal & Saz)
accompanied by Balaban & Ghaval

Side B: Mugam Music - Mugam Rast
Baha' ad-Din Khorasani (Vocal) 
Ostad Ali Salimi (Tar)
Shamin Mohammadpour (Kemencheh)
Ali-Reza Samadi (Ghaval)


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This seems to be a failure in your connection to Dropbox and has nothing to do with the file that you want to download. Please try again or try the mp3-file. Or google the problem: dropbox err tunnel connection failed.

roberth said...

thank u for these they look incredible. and dropbox also worked fine on this one. i did the mp3, whch i prefer to wave. so didn't try wave. thank you

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No problems with dropbox, i am downloading wave.
Thanks, your blog is very good.