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Mirror and Song - A collection of 28 cassettes of regional and religious music of Iran published in Iran, recorded in 1994 - Cassette 8: Music from Torbat-e Jam (Khorasan) & Baluchestan

On this cassette we have two Sufi rituals (Dhikrs).

Side A:
Dhikr Circle of the Naqshbandiyye Tariqat
Haj Nour Mohammad Dorpour (Vocal soloist)
Gholam Ali Pouratta'i (Dotar & Vocal)
and nine Naqshbandiyye Dervishes

Side B:
Dhikrs from Nikshahr, Baluchestan
Qaderi dervishes


"Master vocalist and dotar player (lute) Nour Mohammad Dorpour is one of the most respected singers of mystical Sufi song from Southern Khorasan in the Northeast of Iran. As a bard and mystic, Dorpour has a repertoire of literally several thousand lyrics of mystic songs which he memorizes all by heart, and he is most well known for his recitations of the poetry of Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Balkhi, also known as Rumi. He accompanies himself on the dotar (lute). Dorpour, a Turkman, belongs to a branch of the the Naqshbandieh Sufi order."
Nour Mohammad Dorpour is the last master who knows the old mystical repertoire of Torbat-e Jam in Eastern Khorasan in its vast completeness. I'm not sure if he is still living. In Iran these CDs have been published:

The recordings of this cassette have been released on CD in 2015, together with a third recording from this series, with a detailed booklet in Farsi and English, written by Mohammad Reza Darvishi:

As usual, all these CDs can be obtained from:
Here we had already a recording by Nour Mohammad Dorpour in Vol. 5. He is also present in several series of regional music mentioned in Vol. 1 and the three albums of music from Khorasan mentioned here, which we plan to post in the future. 

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