Monday, 4 July 2011

Mamurjan Uzakov (1904-1964) - Vol. 1 - Cassette from Uzbekistan

Legendary singer from Uzbekistan 
representing the Maqom tradition of the Ferghana Valley
Tarona Records 2000
From older records


Anonymous said...

your blog is very inspiring and the tapes you post are always mindblowing! no way i could hear that music anywhere, if you wouldn't post it here. so please keep up the work, i respect it very much.

David said...

Hi Tawfiq. I loved these 3 Uzbek cassettes so much I spent days trying to find a source on the internet for these & more. Success! The people at were tremendously helpful, and I now have a MP3-CD containing all 3 cassettes and 8 more similar ones! Well worth a visit if you are interested in more of this kind of music.

All the best - and keep posting such treasures please!!


Tawfiq said...

Hi David,
thank you. What are the other 8 cassettes you got? I'm very interested. I looked up the Meloman site, but could not find many interesting Uzbek artists. Only Turgun Alimatov, a great instrumentalist, and Komiljon Otaniezov: he is from a different Maqom tradition, the one from Khorezm.
Mahmudjon Tozhiboev might be interesting. I don't know him.
Tavakkal Qodirov is quite nice, but he seams to be more a Khalq (Folk) singer than a classical one. He might be also from Khorezm,though he sings occasionally songs from the Ferghana Valley repertoire, but in a less traditional and deep style.
You probably know, that there are some very good Uzbek artists available on CD, published mostly in France. They can be obtained for example from:

David said...

Sorry to have been away so long, Tawfiq! Busy with other music, and with catching up on those MP3-CDs! The one that contains the 3 cassettes you've posted is at - - though like many of their other Uzbek CDs it is no longer available. id=556863 is a collection I enjoyed which is still available as is vol.2 (which I haven't got - id=556864). Most of the others available are just names to me though I too am tempted by Otaniezov. There are some nice Kazakh collections too - though that's a very different sort of music of course.

Thanks again for introducing me to the art of Central Asia - I'm really enjoying exploring that enormous area musically!

David said...

PS - Tawfiq, drop me a line phaistos (at) spamarrest (dot) com & I'll share some of what i got with you!! Cheers, David