Saturday, 16 July 2011

Imrat Khan (Sitar & Surbahar) - Nordindische Ragas - Live - Double LP Harmonia Mundi (Germany) 29 22084-2 (1975)

Live Concert, München, Musikhochschule, 4. Mai 1974
Tabla: Kumar Bose

Side A:
Raga Jhinjhoti - part 1 (25:25)
Sitar & Tabla

Side B:
Raga Jhinjhoti - part 2 (20:10)
Sitar & Tabla

Side A:
Raga Yaman - part 1 (24:05)

Side B:
Raga Yaman - part 2 (10:00)
Raga Hamsadhwani (14:20)
Sitar & Tabla


Alexis said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for posting these rare ICM recordings.Nikhil's Bhairavi, Poonchwale's Kirwani and now Imrat's Yaman are definitely going into my playlist. For all ICM fans, check out this new blog: He posts only at 128 bitrate, but still good stuff. Thank you again Tawfiq....and God bless you.

Mutha Klanger said...

luvverly stuff! many thanks putting this up :-)

AmbroseBierce said...

This was some of the first Indian classical music I ever heard (besides some Ravi Shankar stuff), and I still live it, including the singing in Hamsadhwani's Lagi Lagan...

Neuf said...

Just wanted to say what a wonderful album. Particularly the second LP, which I keep relistening to. Many thanks for this! If anyone reading this is local, Ustadji will be playing in St Louis, Missouri on August 27th.

Thanks for this blog, some fantastic music!

Indranil said...

Wondering, if you could share this LP in lossless format. Even if your answer be negative, I would be pleased to learn. Thanks and regards!

John said...

Wonderful recording and performance, particularly the Yaman. Many thanks for this and your many other shares!