Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Bali - Le gong kebyar - Musique du monde 9 - LP published in France in 1974

Here the last of the volumes from this legendary series we have in our collection.

 Side A
1 - TambulilinganSawan08/08/1970
 Gong kebyar SawanGong kebyar Sawan15'30
2 - WiranataSawan08/08/1970
 Gong kebyar SawanGong kebyar Sawan09'00

 Side B
3 - Manuk AngutjiTampaksiring25/09/1972
 Gong kebyar "Salisiran" TampaksiringGong Kebyar Tampaksiring12'40
4 - PelajonTampaksiring25/09/1972
 Gong kebyar "Salisiran" TampaksiringGong Kebyar Tampaksiring09'30

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Guillermo said...

Pretty nice! Thank you one more time and, please!, go on, go on, go on...

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