Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Nathoo Khan (1920-1971) - Sarangi - LP published in 1972 in Pakistan

Nathoo (Nathu) Khan was one of the greatest Sarangi players of the 20th century. Here his only LP, published posthumously. He was for me the first Raga musician I ever heard consciously, on the LP "Pakistani Soul Session" (in 1968), and whose music fascinated me so much that the love for Raga music in general, for Sarangi and this artist in particular never left me afterwards. Everything started with him. 
See here our post from 2011 of the LP Pakistani Soul Session, containing an article on the artist.
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Surajit Bose said...

Thank you again for the lovely music. Some information about Nathoo Khan was posted on the Washerman's Dog blog a few years ago. He appears to have been a delightful personality.

Rory said...

Thank you very much for this LP, love sarangi!

DrKashyap said...

I recollect there was a documentary film on (Probably) U. Nathu khan (May be U. Nabi baksh khan, not sure) by German govt. Tried to explore various sources but no luck till date.