Sunday, 28 May 2017

Ghulam Mohammad Khan (1910-1974) - Sarangi - LP released in 1975 in Pakistan

Here our fifth post of great Paksitani Sarangi masters. Unfortunately I don't know anything about this artist, except that he was wellknown as the regular accompanist of Nazakat & Salamat Ali Khan. He is present on several of their CDs and LPs. See for example here.
A friend lent me this LP many many years ago to digitize it. At that time I didn't know yet how to do it, but I had a friend with a lot of experience in digitizing LPs. Unfortunately he didn't scan the covers and created instead new covers, the ones you see here. Many thanks to this friend (KF).
Here the infos with which Dr. Kashyap Dave, the wellknown Sarangi expert, player and teacher, who has helped us out already a couple of times with valuable pieces of information, came up:
"Here are the available details for Ustad Ghulam Mohammed Khan with original credit to my friend Mr. Ali Zafar.
U. Ghulam Mohammad Khan was born in Hoshiarpur in 1910 in a family lineage of eminent sarangi and tabla players. He started learning sarangi at a very young age from his father Bahadur Ali alias Babu Khan. After his father’s death he continued learning this difficult art from his maternal uncle Ghulam Hussain Khan. Later he became a formal disciple of the illustrious Mamman Khan of Delhi Gharana and also of Raheem Buksh Shamapuri. From a very early age he was a very skillful and melodious sarangi player, and attended many music conferences and he accompanied Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan quite frequently in Hyderabad in the early sixties. U. Ghulam Mohammad migrated to Pakistan to settle in Chak Jhumra, a small town in Punjab. Soon he became an artist of Central Production Unit in Radio Pakistan Lahore. In Pakistan he accompanied almost all the great classical vocalists like U. Nazakat Ali & U. Salamat Ali, U. Amanat Ali & U. Fateh Ali He was also an accomplished solo sarangi player. He died in 1974 in the premises of Radio Pakistan Lahore. U. Ghulam Mohammad Khan's sons Ghulam Shabbir Khan and Ghulam Jaffer Khan are respected vocalists in Faisalabad.  His grandson, Akhtar Hussain is carrying his tradition of sarangi playing in Karachi. 

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Valentin MH said...

Thanks for your work on sharing this marvelous music ! I would advise to convert the WAV to a lossless format, like FLAC, prior to posting, it will save some time both for you while uploading, and for us also. Shukria :)