Monday, 3 October 2016

Mirror and Song - A collection of 28 cassettes of regional and religious music of Iran published in Iran, recorded in 1994 - Cassette 17: Music from Turkmen Sahra, Aliabad-e Guneh & Sharq (East) Mazandaran

Side A:
Music from Turkmen Sahra
1. Por-Khani Ritual
2. - 4. Bakhshi Music
The Bakhshi sings and plays Dotar, accompanied by a Kemenche player

Side B:
Music from Turkmen Sahra
1. Bakhshi Music
Vocal & Dotar
2. Ney & Vocal
Music from Aliabad-e Guneh - Mazandaran
3. Ney & Vocal
Music from East Mazandaran
4. Dotar & Vocal

The first track has been published on the CD (Regional Music of Iran 55) which we had informed about in our post of cassette 8 of this series.

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Richard said...

Thank you!

This is a tremendous undertaking and I will still be listening to this series of cassettes years from now - if I'm lucky!