Saturday, 19 September 2015

Salamat Hussain - The Enchanting Notes of Flute - Asghar Records PIKA-37 - LP published in New York in 1980

Here as promised to my blogger colleague Richard the only LP I have from this "mysterous" Pakistani label based in New York in the 1970s and 1980s. I bought this LP in the early 1980s in Southall near London in a Pakistani record shop. They had at that moment quite a number of LPs by this label, but unfortunately I bought only this one as there were so many of the great EMI Pakistan LPs which I couldn't resist. This Salamat Hussain LP I bought basicly out of nostalgic reasons as my very first Raga LP, the legendary "Pakistani Soul Session", which I posted here as one of my very first posts in june 2011, contained two tracks by him.
Richard had posted on his wonderful blog "Flat, Black and Classical: Indian Classical Music on Vinyl and Cassette" two LPs from this label, which also goes under the name Oscar Records:

Side 1:
1. Raag Chandar Kauns (Chandrakauns)
2. Raag Gujrri Torri (Gujri Todi)

Side 2:
1. Raag Aimen (Yaman)
2. Thummarri Tez (Thumri Desh, I suppose)

The artist has a website:

Our blogger colleague Hans posted in 2011 a cassette by Salamat Hussain and added a track by one of his teachers, Debu Bhattacharya. In this post Hans also posted a number of other recordings by very little known Bansuri players from Pakistan.


Anonymous said...

Thank You for Tawfiq/Axel for all the great music you kindly share (and also that you do not use zippyshare or mediafile links as I find them to often have malware attached!!!!)

as I as unable to contact Richard directly, perhaps you could put in a word to him to maybe not use zippyshare (or offer alternative links) so safe d/l'ing can also occur at his site. You are not required to do so of course! ;-) thanks, dandor

Richard said...

Thanks so much for this! Also for your kind words about my blog, which is really just a supplement to this one.

I am always intrigued by small labels such as this one, regardless of the genre of music. There is almost no hope of contacting anyone involved with the making of the LP except by pure chance. In this internet-connected age there is something charming about the lack of access to these small, almost forgotten labels.

On my own blog I will indeed be changing to a different host for the files (away from Zippyshare), mainly because of file size limits and file retention policy.

Anonymous said...

Salamat Hussain also has an EMI Pakistan cassette: CEMCP-5996. He plays Desh, Malkauns, Malgunji, Piloo, Roopawati Kalyan, and Maru Bihag.

Tawfiq said...

Thanks. I have a copy of that cassette. One can find it on this excellent blog:
There are many more recordings by Slamat Hussain. 5 albums from EMI Pakistan can be downloaded from Amazon and other download platforms.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for this share. Is there any chance you can upload your other Pakistan LPs in Flac format? Such as Umeed Ali Khan, Salamat & Nazakat.
Do you have the Nathu Khan Sarangi LP? If so, could you please upload that too? Along with any other instrumental Pakistani LPs you have. I can tell you that in Pakistan it is very hard to find such things, so I would greatly appreciate it.


Music lover said...

Thanx for your great blog. U and Bolingo have made my life more satisfying. I have downloaded almost all albums. I find carnatic music is not much represented in your blog. Pl upload if have any. Thanx in advance.