Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Sabri Moudallal (1918-2006) - Qudud wa Muwashahat - MP3-CD from Syria

The media are full of the unbelievable human catastrophe taking place in Syria since years and getting worse and worse. What a desaster, what a horror! Amid all this desaster we hardly know anything about the destiny of musicians and if and how they are able to maintain their great traditions of classical and religious (Sufi) music. In order to keep up the memory of Syria's great musical heritage and as there are only very few CDs available we post here over the next months some cassettes and MP3-CDs which our dear friend Danny brought 5 years ago from a trip to Syria. 
We start here with a MP3-CD containing three concert recordings by Sabri Moudallal (1918-2006), the great master of the classical music of Aleppo, accompanied by a Takht ensemble consisting of Ney, Ud, Qanun, Violin and Riqq players. We had already before posted two recordings by him: one a Mouled an-Nabi as it is performed especially in Sufi circles and the second a programme of Classical Arab Music from Aleppo recorded by the WDR in Cologne in Germany.

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