Saturday, 6 September 2014

Rais Khan - Sitar - Milestones - Cassette published in India in 1985 containing the recordings from his very first LP from 1968

This cassette is a re-release of recordings which were originally published on LP as "Khansahib Rais Khan" (ECLP 2359) in 1968. This was his very first LP.
Tabla: Bashir Ahmed Khan

Side 1:
Raga Jhinjhoti

Side 2:
Raga Mian Ki Todi
Lok Priya - Dhun Dadra


cara mengobati penyakit gula said...

hello,, i'm just visit,, have a nice day :D

Unknown said...

Watch Ustad Rais Khan perform Live for Coke Studio Pakistan!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tawfiq, the alubum is empty. Please chek. Thanks a lot for posting such beautiful rare compositions.

Tawfiq said...

The wave download is 366 MB big, the mp3 file is 86,5 MB. Your download apparently didn't work. The mistake is on your side. Please try again to download.