Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Ali Akbar Khan - Sarod - LP published in India in 1968

Tabla: Shankar Ghosh

Side 1:
Raga Des Malhar

Side 2:
Raga Nat Bhairo (Bhairav)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. AAK was the master and his music school continues to operate in California.

I just saw his youngest son perform in Chicago for a large and enthusiastic audience.

Your continued service to spreading the music is appreciated. I was just thinking tonight that for a lot of these older recordings, the master tapes have probably been lost, so vinyl transfers may wind up being the masters in the future.

Anonymous said...

Great!! Thanks a lot!

Timmy said...

A top musician by any standards... THANX!
He's played with many artists, including The Grateful Dead.

beetor said...

Yes, it's AAK, but with a cover that great, the music is going to be awesome!

Anonymous said...

One more:

Ali Akbar Khan - 1955 LP


Nels Olsen said...

One of my most favorite albums!

goinsidemyhead said...

the music here-in captures moments of pure brilliance..what a post...this guy is a monster picker.