Saturday, 18 March 2017

Vilayat Khan - The Supreme Genius of Ustad Vilayat Khan - LP released in India in 1968

Here one of the most legendary LPs of Vilayat Khan. It was later also released on CD, but unfortunately it seems that they lost the master tape and took a defective recording as the source for the CD. I checked copies from several generations of the CD. They all had the same defect.
So the best is to have the original LP. I bought this one in Southall near London in the mid 1970s.


Anonymous said...

just _/\_ . no words.

someone from strasbourg.

Richard said...

Thanks for this!

Such a shame to hear about the apparently lost master tape. My guess is that someone in Kolkata has that master tape in their collection of tapes, and when they die the collection will be thrown away.

The act of copying and disseminating written texts from the years 500 BCE - 1500 CE allowed the ideas and histories of the ancient Greeks and Romans to survive. A similar process is occurring today, but now it is audio recordings which are being preserved. Thanks for being on Team Preservation!

Rory said...

Beautiful, Thanks Tawfiq (and Richard!) to share your fantastic collections.

Surajit Bose said...

Every time I feel I know a little bit about music, I come across somebody like you whose vast knowledge, generosity, enthusiasm, and eclecticism remind me how much I still have to learn and experience. Thank you for your posts and shares.