Sunday, 5 March 2017

Folk Music of Central Asia - West Turkistan - LP published in Japan in 1968

Here we present another LP from Japan which was never on the market in Europe or the US, but this time for license restriction reasons, as the recordings were licensed for sale in Japan only from the Soviet state owned label Melodiya.
On side 1 we have three recordings from Turkmenistan and three from Uzbekistan, on side 2 there are three tracks from Tajikistan and three from Kyrgyzstan, at that time all republics of the Soviet Union.


Anonymous said...

wow, you find -- and share -- some great stuff, thank you... nice sunday journey through some very far away musical universes...

hk dutorchi said...

The Uzbek instrumental pieces should have been taken from these recordings:
- Miskin I performed by Rixsi Rajabiy on tanbur and Mahmud Yunusov on dutar
- Oman [Omon] yor with the Tamara Khanum ensemble
- Samoi dugoh performed by Zakirjon Obidov

Thank you for these recordings as we don't get to hear much from these interpreters these days...!

Tawfiq said...

Thank you very much for the infos.

Anonymous said...

the discographic info led to some alternate spellings and to this:

several examples from the artists mentioned