Monday, 23 July 2018

Ashiq Edalat Nasibov - Great Master (Ostad) of the Saz of Azerbaijan - Majlis (private concert) in Baku in 1989 - Cassette released in UK

We just received from our dear friend Werner Durand the rip of a cassette by Edalat Nasibov, the outstanding master (Ostad) of the Saz of Azerbaijan. Edalat Nasibov is probably the greatest master of this instrument in recent decades, playing a very virtuosic instrumental version of the music of the Ashiqs of Azerbaijan, next to Mugham the other great musical tradition in this country. Occasionally he sings also.

The French label Ocora released in 2003 a CD by him under the title: Edalat Nasibov - L'Art du Saz - The Art of the Saz. The CD was recorded by Jean During.
"With innovative instrumental techniques of fingering and tuning and a richly ornamental style, virtuoso sàz lute performer Edalat Nasibov plays tunes which explore the art of the âshyq (Azerbaijani bards whose golden age lasted from the 15th to the 16th centuries)." from the backside of  this CD.

The artist was born in 1939 and passed away in September 2017.

On the tradition of Ashiq music in Azerbaijan see:

Many thanks to Werner for his generous sharing.


kkrka kr said...

A huge thank you to you and to Mr. Durand for this upload. I never knew there were any other recordings of Nasibov except the Ocora CD, and this came as a very pleasant surprise. I really like the live character of the recording, too - the occasional person talking, a door closing, and the way the microphone was placed. Makes for a very intimate experience.

Anonymous said...

wonderful! thank you!

Psikofobi said...